Woodbury Country Club Wedding Photographer

Woodbury Country Club Wedding Photographer


When Jacquelyn and Joseph Glide approached planning their wedding they knew they wanted it to celebrate their journey together. After rekindling three years after high school and dating for six and a half years their wedding represented the two of them finally coming together and making their union official.

In planning the day it was important to them that they were surrounded by positive energy. They used this one factor as the guiding principal when looking for wedding vendors, including their wedding photographer. After meeting with Lotus Wedding Photography it was apparent that nobody else could be trusted with such an important milestone.


The couple awoke to a fairytale like day on July 11, 2015. The bride clad in her Pronovias gown had one of the most romantic summer weddings at a top Long Island wedding venue. Walking down the aisle to each other is one moment that the couple will not soon forget and that was flawlessly captured.


“As shown so perfectly in our pictures it was an emotional moment for the  both of us. My favorite moment was when the doors opened and he and I made eye contact. It felt like only he and I were in the church and I couldn’t wait to get to the other end of the aisle to my groom. After 6 1/2 years of ups and downs our moment had finally come and it was by far the most amazing feeling in the world.”  


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