Southward Ho Country Club Wedding Photographer

Southward Ho Country Club Wedding Photographer


Making sure that the brides french culture was part of the couples wedding day was important to both Oceane and George when planning their wedding at Southward Ho Country Club. The couple, who met at Fitzgerald’s in NYC while in college, wanted to blend traditions from both George’s Long Island and Oceane’s Nice upbringing.

In true movie fashion the couple fell in love after they met, but were preparing to go their separate ways after Oceane had to return to Europe. She had secured a job in London and the couple promised to visit and see where their careers would take them. That all changed on the evening of June 23, 2014 when George took Oceane back to Fitgerald’s and proposed right there in front of the spot they first met.


The bride felt cool, calm, and collected when approaching her day. She recalls:

“All of the employees who saw me were shocked at how calm I was and everyone that day kept asking me if I was nervous or anxious. My answer was simple: I’m not anxious, nervous or stressed out because I know it’s all going to be great and that what I’m doing is what feels right.”

The Long Island country club was decorated down to the last detail with purchases from Etsy and the bride clad in her Hadas Cohen dress was a vision. A French flag and bagpipes completed the multicultural touches they were looking for.

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer helped Oceane keep her calm, the beautiful long island venue providing a backdrop made Lotus Wedding Photography’s job almost easy. The bride and grooms favorite moments captured flawlessly in true artistic photography fashion.


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