The Somerly at Fox Hollow Wedding


When we were first asked to photograph Courtney & Stevens wedding at The Somerly at Fox Hollow we were thrilled!  Not only is this one of our favorite catering halls in Long Island to work at but we really felt like we connected with Courtney and Steven.

We always like to start our wedding days photographing the details.  The engagement rings, the invitations, the wedding bands, wedding dress etc.  These small details help tell the story of our couples big day.

We always try to start every wedding day photographing the detail photos.


As professional Long Island wedding photographer, our job is to tell the story of your wedding day.  While we love creative wedding photos as much as the next guy, we truly feel that candid images are the best way to tell our newlywed’s story.


Here we see the bride getting her hair and makeup done before she says “I do”! 


After Courtney & Steven’s ceremony, we were asked to take some photos in their church.  While there are some church wedding photos that are traditional, and of course we did these, we are always looking for a unique and different approach when photographing our couples weddings.



A unique perspective on a traditional church wedding photo. 



After the ceremony, we made our way to Planting Fields Arboretum for the fun and silly bridal party photos as well as some romantic wedding photos of our newlyweds.


Candid wedding images are some of our favorite photos of any wedding day.  They allow the view to take a peek inside the wedding day.  And really get a feel for what is was like to be there. 



Once we were finished our photo session at Planting Fields, we made our way to Fox Hollow for some more fun.   We planned tons of time for fun and creative wedding photos at The Somerly at Fox Hollow.  And we had a LOT of fun with this bridal party.


The Somerlys outdoor ceremony area makes the perfect backdrop for this fun bridal party photo. 



Right before the maitre d’, allowed the guests to enter the grand ball room of The Somerly at Fox Hollow.  We were able to sneak in this creative and candid wedding photo of our couple inside the room, showing off the great uplighting that Fox Hollow offeres as well as the brides beautiful dress flowing as her husband twirls her in a fun way.


A beautiful room shot at The Somerly at Fox Hollow. 


Photographing as many weddings at The Somerly at Fox Hollow as we do, allows us to always come up with creative and new photographs.  We love using the outdoor ceremony area in the day as well as the night to create unique and beautiful wedding photos for our clients and their families to cherish forever.


A beautiful night time wedding photo at The Somerly at Fox Hollow. 


These images are just a small representation of the diversity and quality that we deliver to our couples day in and day out.  We deliver everything from creative detail photos, to traditional family portraits to creative and candid wedding images of our beautiful bride and groom.





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