Chateau Briand Wedding Photographer

We have had the pleasure of photographing dozens of weddings at Chateau Briand Caterers.  They have a Miami night club feel that makes not only for one of a kind wedding photos but for a great wedding reception that your guests will be talking about for years to come.


We started this wedding day like most, photographing the brides’ detail photos.  Such as getting beautiful photos of the brides’ shoes, creative shots of the engagement ring as well as the wedding bands.  These are small details that help tell the big story of our couples big day.


Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0002.jpg
The Brides Mischka Badgley Wedding Shoes look incredible in this wedding photograph.


Photographing the details are just a really small part of our jobs as Long Island Wedding Photographers.  What I think is one of the key aspects of being one of the best wedding photographers in Long Island is telling the bride’s story.  I believe the best way to do this, is to take beautiful candid photos.

Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0016.jpg
The mother of the bride helping her daughter get ready for her wedding day.  Candid wedding photos such as this help tell the story of your wedding day. 


After the getting ready portion of the day is finished we like to get a couple of beautiful and creative photos of our bride’s right before they leave to the ceremony to get married.  These types of photos are our some of our favorite of the day.  They can be whatever we want them to be, they can be fun wedding images or they can be creative wedding photos or traditional wedding image, how we choose to photograph our brides are totally dependent on her personality as well as her likes and dislikes.


Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0018.jpg
Our beautiful bride is ready to marry the man of her dreams. 


After the ceremony, we go straight to Chateau Briand were we prepare for the fun bridal party photos as well as the traditional family portraits.  These images are very important because when is the next time you will get all of your family together, dressed up, and in front of a professional wedding photographer?



Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0026.jpg
Chateau Briand Caterers 




Before your wedding day, we always sit down with our couples and go over the day’s details.  We try to find out what is important to them, and who is important to them.  We then plan the photography around that.  We do our best to do everything you want, while still giving you ample time to enjoy your wedding day.  We will put together a shot list for your traditional family photos so we can ensure no one, or no grouping is missed.  We will even tell you where and what time we will start these photos so you can inform your family members.



Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0027.jpg
Traditional Family Wedding portraits at Chateau Briand Caterers 


After we finish our family photos, we like to have some fun with the bridal party.  Your bridal party are your friends, and of course, we will take plenty of standard wedding photos however, we want you to have some fun also.




Sometimes, you just have to grab your friends butt.  


After the silly bridal party photos are done, that’s it, your finished!  Go, relax with your friends and family and enjoy your wedding reception.  Chateau Briand has some of the best cocktail hour food you could ask for in a Long Island Catering Hall.

We will go and photograph all of the details of your wedding day at this point.  The centerpieces, the table settings, the dais any and all details to help tell the story of your wedding day will be photographed.

One of the things we are known for is our creative night time wedding photos at Chateau Briand.  We are often asked by our couples to take them out at night to take these images.  We are always happy to comply.


Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0048.jpg
Chateau Briand Caterers has a beautiful waterfall that when photographed the right way makes it look like a million dollars. This is one of our favourite photos to take when we photograph here. 


Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0049.jpg
Night time wedding photos at Chateau Briand, the entrance looks amazing and a great place for creative night time wedding photos. 


Chateau Briand Wedding Photographers.jpg
This is an iconic wedding photo at Chateau Briand that is requested more then any other creative night time wedding photo.


Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0052.jpg
Unique and artistic photo of our bride and groom inside Chateau Briand.






Watermill Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  of 0053.jpg
Another iconic Chateau Briand wedding photo.  


Chateau Briand Caterers in Carle Place NY has so many great locations for creative night time photos that we could write 5 more blogs about this beautiful venue and still not show you all of the creative and stunning wedding images we have taken here.  From their legendary waterfall, to the door shoot as well as the grand lobby wedding photo the lists just go on and on.






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