The Woodlands at Woodbury Wedding Photographer

One of the perks of being a Long Island wedding photographer is getting to photograph beautiful weddings at catering halls like The Woodlands at Woodbury.  We have photographed dozens of weddings at this Long Island catering hall.  They have everything you need to have an incredible wedding reception.


We started the day off with the bride, photographing her wedding details, such as her engagement ring, wedding band, wedding dress and other small details.  They help tell the story of her wedding day.  These images are fun to take because they allow us to be as creative as we want to be.


Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0001.jpg
Engagement Rings are one of my favorite things to photograph on any given wedding day.


After we photographed the details, I like to get a few photos of our brides prior to getting in her wedding dress.  The reason for this is, many brides often wear little robes that say bride or team bride, and this is just another example of looking out for little details that you might forget years after your wedding.


Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0005.jpg
Getting ready wedding photographs play a huge part in the storytelling process.  I love how the light hits her face and showcases her beautiful hair while falling off in the background.  This effect really helps the bride pop off of the photograph. 


We made our way to the ceremony space after a few more formal photos at the bride’s house.  When the bride and groom see each other for the first time, it can make for some of the best candid wedding photos of the day.

Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0012.jpg
All eyes are on the groom as he sees his beautiful wife for the first time, walking down the isle. 

During the ceremony, we want to take as many candid photos as possible.  Little glances across the pews, laughter, tears of joy, these are the things we are looking for.

After the ceremony, it’s time to get creative! We candid images are the heart and soul of any wedding album, but we also love creative and unique wedding photos that make you stop and say WOW!

Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0016.jpg
A creative take on the Church wedding photo before we head over to The Woodlands at Woodbury.
Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0018.jpg
Another unique wedding photo at the church before we headed over to The Woodlands at Woodbury.

A quick stop off at a nearby park made the perfect backdrop for some candid and fun bridal party photos.

Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0031.jpg
A more candid take on the bridal party photos. 


Fun bridal party photos are some of the favorite images of the day.  Of course, we take a traditional bridal party photo or two, but being silly is much more fun.


Once we got to The Woodlands at Woodbury, that’s when we started with our beautiful photos of bride and groom.  We like to give you a nice variety of styles in your wedding photography. Romantic photos are always fun, but we like to show as much of our newlywed’s personality as possible.  Danielle & Collin were up for whatever and because of that, their wedding photos were some of the best we have every produced at The Woodlands at Woodbury.


Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0042.jpg
A romantic moment between husband and wife.
Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0046.jpg
YES!! The bride lifts up her husband for a different and funny take on the “pick-up” shot. I love these two!
Woodlands at Woodbury  of 0048.jpg
The Woodlands have beautiful grounds that make our jobs as Professional Long Island Wedding Photographers almost too easy. 



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