Westbury Manor Wedding Photographer

Westbury Manor is our home away from home.   We have photographed almost a hundred wedding at this beautiful Long Island catering hall.

At Lotus, we strive to give you an abundance of photography styles to choose from when selecting the photos for your wedding album.   Interesting and unique detail photos of your engagement ring, wedding bands, bridal shoes, wedding dress, bridesmaids dress, earrings, jewelry and any other details that mean something to you are always a great addition to any wedding album.  These small details help tell the story of your big day.

Fun bridal party photos are always fun and Westbury Manor makes the perfect backdrop.

There are so many things I love about this night time wedding photograph at Westbury Manor.  Let’s start with Westbury Manor as the backdrop.  The windows of the Garden Room and Library light up the background.  The bride and groom stand together holding one another closely.  The brides Peter Langner veil flowing creating a very dramatic feeling.  I also love the brides Marrie Sottero Wedding Dress, it fit her perfectly and she looked like she belonged in Vogue Magazine.

After this night time photo was taken at Westbury Manor, we returned to the Manor Room which is where the reception was held. Body Rock Entertainment provided the guests with a night filled with fun and great music.


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