Flowerfields Wedding Photographer

Flowerfields is a beautiful Long Island catering hall located at 199 Mills Pond Rd, St James, NY 11780.  It is a grand catering hall that boasts some of the nicest grounds of any Long Island Catering Hall.  Equally stunning indoor as well as outdoor ceremony spaces are ideal for winter or summer weddings.



DJ Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  0059.jpg
Creative night time wedding photos at Flower Fields at St. James Long Island.


We started photographing the Brides details such as her engagement ring and weddings bands they purchased at Tiffanys.  As well as the Brides wedding dress which she purchased at Bridal Reflections in Massapequa and flowers which she used Flowers by Burton 

After photographing the details we made our way to Flowerfields to photograph the first reveal, fun bridal party photos and traditional family photos.

They held the ceremony indoors and it was quite beautiful.  We try to photograph this part of the wedding day as candid as possible.  Always on the look out for tears of joy from the guests and family members.  We always try to pay close attention to the mother of the bride, father of the bride as well as the mother of the groom and father of the groom and any siblings.

DJ Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  0009.jpg
A traditional yet beautiful photograph of the bride before she sees her husband for the first time during their first reveal. 



DJ Wedding Photos by Lotus Weddings  0001.jpg
Creative detail wedding photos such as this one are one of our favorite parts of photographing a wedding.  




Creative indoor wedding photo at Flower Fields in St. James.


There are so many reasons we as Long Island Wedding Photographers love photographing creative and fun weddings at Flower Fields in St. James. One of the main reasons are that the venue has so many beautiful options as far as grounds.  From beautiful indoor ceremony spaces with a bridge and coy fish pond to lush greenery with open fields, you really can’t take a bad wedding photograph here at Flower Fields.

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